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Kaakon Alueverkko - Operations

We maintain and develop the network

The task of Kaakon Alueverkko is to transfer electricity and maintain and develop the area’s 110-kV high-voltage network. Kaakon Alueverkko currently manages approximately 150 kilometres of electricity network lines. 


Maintenance of the high-voltage network comprises the network’s inspections, management of tree growth in the cable areas and the border zones and any maintenance work carried out on the basis of inspections.


Investments will ensure the reliability of electricity distribution and also the competitiveness of operations in the future. The purpose of the major investment programme is to renew the area’s high-voltage distribution network to meet the needs of modern network business.

The investments will be phased in and their planning will focus on environmental friendliness and impact on the lives of residents in the surrounding environment.  

The investments are communicated in more detail on this website.